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Thanks to dojo integration in Zend Framework, it becomes simple to produce a dojo grid, a "table on steroids" with sorting and selecting of elements on the client side. DataGrid is in the dojox namespace of 1.x version.
What about an application that feels 'faster' than yours? Or pages that seems to load slowly than others? We'll use ab command line tool to measure load times of your pages in scientific way. Example based on this Ossigeno installation.
How to use Subversion for deployment of websites. Subversion, svn for friends, is a source control system, which stores all your source files and their history in a centralized place.
PHPUnit is a useful tool for testing your php application. Here's an example of how use it in a TDD fashion, in a pattern called Self Shunting.
This is the first post on the Ossigeno blog. Ossigeno is a Php platform for web application development: this blog runs on Ossigeno 3.0 beta.